June 21 to 23

Born of a partnership with the Armada of Rouen (June 6 - 16), the 2019 edition welcomes, for an exceptional stopover, some tall sailing ships coming from the Norman port. During these few days of Calais call, the ships are open to the visit.

The Carnot Basin welcomes tall ships, but also small units that use it as a navigation area. The FRCPM brings together a dozen sailing and rowing boats, including canoes built in its shipyard. Several sails-oars, yachts, dinghies, flobarts ... from all over the region will evolve in the basin.

All ships present participate in the final parade that accompanies the departure of the tall ships, Sunday, June 23 from 16:30.

Visits of the ships will be proposed as well as animations during these 3 days, demonstrations, concerts, exhibitions etc ...

Here is the complete program.