There is no need to be very sporty to practice land sailing !

I signed up for a 2-hour long session with a few friends just for fun! The land sailing base is at Les Hemmes de Marck, 7km (4 miles) east of Calais. That is where the widest coastal areas of the Calais region are to be found.

We were taken on board a trailer towing the land yachts, and we let to our playground - Hemmes de Marck beach, a wild area covered with marram grass where at low tide you are 3km (almost 2 miles) from the sea. The session starts with a beginners lesson during which you are told how to rig the sail. The instructor then explains the route and gives you some simple safety advice.

I experienced the excitement of controlled speed, bursts of laughter, and lots of pleasure ! It is something I would do again...

Since we still had some time left when we arrived back at the base, we played a round of miniature golf. It was a very fun, relaxing afternoon.

Practical advice: take sports shoes, trousers, a rain jacket and gloves to protect your hands when you are manipulating the rope (helmets are provided). 

Base de char à voile
Avenue de la mer -
62730 Les Hemmes de Marck

Reservations are necessary. Slots are available depending on the times of the tides and weather conditions.


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