owner and designer of the «Beau pays» garden in Marck

Pierre, a farmer’s son, has always been a nature-lover and started designing gardens when he was about 10.

After his studies he began landscaping the outside of the family farm in order to create his garden there.

Three years ago he set up a tropical greenhouse with butterfl ies, exotic birds and tropical plants, such as vanilla, cocoa and papaya.

His favorite plant ? The Victoria Cruziana, a giant water-lily originally from the Amazonian forest, and the Arum Titan, which only fl owers once every 10 years, but produces the largest fl owers in the world.

This year Pierre has constructed a Mexican desert with cacti and agave plants, as in the Sonora desert. There are even boulders, created from scratch!

The garden’s appearance changes with the seasons, but Pierre’s favourite time of year is defi nitely spring, when the fl owering garden is at its splendid best, offering a magnifi cent show to visitors.

On the way out there is a small café among the plants and fl owers to relax in and enjoy a hot or cold
end-of-visit drink.

This garden will definitely stimulate all your senses!


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