Take our word for it, Calais seafront is a sight to behold! After the rows of traditional beach huts and the vast supervised beaches, your gaze will reach a skyline dominated by the car ferries which ply the waters between France and England - and you can sometimes glimpse the White Cliffs of Dover, just thirty kilometres or so across the Channel.

A real sea view 

When you’ve finished building sandcastles and you want to see the ferries up close or point them out to the little ones, the jetty provides the perfect vantage point. It is a popular spot for anglers (fishing for mackerel, flounders, saithe and eels...), people out for a stroll to breathe in the sea air or those who enjoy taking photos or “selfies”.  And then there’s the 1.5 km-long sea wall which extends along the seafront as far as neighbouring Blériot-Plage, which is named after the famous aviation pioneer.

A huge playground 

No matter what the time of year, Calais seafront is a favourite spot for local residents to go for a stroll or enjoy a sporting activity. For little ones, there’s a huge playground, a mini golf course and an open-access skatepark. During the holiday season, the seafront is one of the main venues for the “Calais anime l’été” (Calais celebrates summer) activity programme. 

Fish, mussels, ice-cream or chips?      

Calais may be known for its port, its six burghers, its lace and the Channel Tunnel, but there’s also the wonderful sandy beach! It could literally be called a city beach... because, even though there are plenty of public transport and (free !) parking options close by, the promenade is a mere 15-minute walk from the city centre. So the seafront is not short of places to eat: fine restaurants serving irresistible locally caught fish, mussels, delicious Italian-style ice cream or that northern French institution, French fries...there’s plenty to choose from !