"Under the thick crust of the earth, deep galleries circulate that connect the seas and the continents. Sometimes these galleries branch out and widen to the point of creating worlds in which fantastic creatures evolve ... From this buried maze, the great human cities are the doors, they open the passages which connect the underground world to ours. Since the dawn of time these "doors" have been firmly sealed with sacred stones. During the recent works carried out to extend the port of Calais, the workers unsealed, under the sea, the sacred stone which locks the door of the North and protects the surface of the earth from the buried worlds. A fantastic creature then managed to cross the door to invite itself into our world, the footprints found in the sand are those of a gigantic Dragon ... ”On November 1, 2019, freed from the underground worlds, the Dragon of Calais awake to enter the city during a great show by Compagnie La Machine.


Height: 10 to 15 meters
Width: 5 to 17.5 meters,
wings spread Length: 25 meters
Weight: 72 tonnes Speed: 0 to 4 km / h Engine: Hybrid Materials: wood, metal, leather, canvas, copper
Handling: 4 to 6 people
Capacity: 50 people
Duration of the tour: around 30 minutes

Information and reservations on the Compagnie du Dragon website.