The pleasure that comes with exploring a new land includes discovering local produce, meeting local producers, and the tasty morsels which garnish local tables !

Quality produce, seasonal harvests, farm shops, restaurants using local produce and more can be found through the "Le Calaisis on y prend goût!" network. 

It was created in 2011 and brings together around forty producers and restaurant owners who are passionate about their products and proud of their expertise. It is also a collection of diverse people personifiying different aspects of the farming land and culture which make up Calaisis.

"Le Calaisis on y prend goût !" is more than just a list of useful addresses. It also has recipes based around local produce and dates of events linked to local products and farmers' markets.

The Turkey Festival in Licques, Chicory festival at Vieille Eglise, the Herring Festival and Mussel Fête in Calais... there is something for everyone! 

In a land of contrasts, between the sea and the countryside, the Flemmish plains and Boulonnais hills, Calaisis' local produce comes from:

  • The port of Calais and its fishermen who offer products from along the coastline,
  • The sand beaches and tides with their many salty flavours,
  • The sandy plains of the Audruicq region, a traditional area for growing chicory,
  • The livestock farming lands in the green hills around Ardres, Licques and Guînes,

So pull up a chair, or don your apron... and bon appetit!