Save the date

From November 1st to 3rd, 2019, the company La Machine puts on stage a new creation, at the request of the city of Calais.

"Under the thick crust of the earth circulate deep galleries that connect the seas and the continents. Sometimes these galleries branch out and widen to the point of creating worlds. In these galleries evolve fantastic creatures. From this hidden maze, the great human cities are the doors, they open the passages that connect the underground world to our world. Since the dawn of time these "doors" are sealed and kept closed by sacred stones. Dragons are the guardians of the worlds, they are the guarantors of balance. Dragons exist in all shapes and colors, their powers are immense and each dragon is unique. The Calais Dragon is at the same time fire, air, earth and water, it is always the one who watches over the lands and seas of the north. The dragons appear to men only in situations of extreme necessity, to settle a conflict or appease an evil. They are naturally benevolent, but can also be wild and unpredictable. "


Here is the program of the festivities.