Article D133-20

Tourist Information centres stated in articles L. 133-1 to L. 133-10-1 and L. 134-5 can be categorised based on the level of facilities and services provided to the general public subject to set criteria in a league table designed by the organisation stated in article L. 141-2 and approved by the Tourist Ministry decree. The league table is revised at least every 5 months.

Category I

The category I Tourist Information centre is an entrepreneurial structure aimed at bringing professionals together and boosting the tourist economy in its geographical area with a major natural flow of national and international tourists. The multilingual team is managed by a director. It is made up of specialist staff subject to the structure or region’s areas for growth. It implements national and international promotional activities. The structure provides a variety of services to generate its own resources and justify a specific sales policy. Use of computer technologies is handled within the structure. The category I Tourist Information centre has a targeted promotional policy and implements customer service tools to improve the quality of its services and those of its partners working in its geographical area. The focus of its activities is on quality to improve its services and overall performance.