The two ferry companies P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways offer sailings - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The crossing time to the English port of Dover is 75 minutes.

Linked to the motorway network (A16 and A26), the new Ferry Terminal is situated in the north of Calais. It is easily accessible from the town centre (10 minutes by car) but not advisable to go there on foot. Pedestrians can get there by taxi or on the free bus shuttle service, the Balad'In, which links the new Terminal to the town centre and Calais-Ville station.


The terminal is less than 20 minutes’ walk from Calais-Ville railway station. 

The Balad'in (mini-bus) takes you free of charge from the city center to the ferry terminal.


Free Wi-Fi at Calais Ferry Terminal

The wifi service from the port of Calais free and extended to all cross-Channel port and all the waiting areas. With a total bandwidth of 200 Mb / s, free wifi network port can now provide up to 750 concurrent connections. A "roving" system is also provided to allow passengers to move inside the port without having to reconnect. This new service is especially useful for travelers, tourists or professionals, few have French package for internet access.

How it works ?  

Accessible to all since calaisport_freewifi network, passengers will only have to answer a very easy registration form in order to connect. Once registered, they will be automatically recognized when their next bus, which is especially valuable for truck drivers regularly plying between Calais and Dover.