Whether you’re looking for group, individual or free tours, the world is your oyster.


Calais Opal Coast Tourist Information provides a group service to help plan your stay or excursion. There are turnkey schedules available and projects can be designed in partnership with you.


Calais Opal Coast Tourist Information provides a themed guided walking tour schedule in July and August.

Opale Tour:

This association provides walking tours around Fort Nieulay and the Courgain Maritime area for groups and individuals.


Here are some suggestions if you want to explore the city at your leisure:

  • The “Must-Visit” walking tour available to download free of charge at Tourist Information.
  • The “History of the City” network where a flashcode on the main landmarks’ information panels provides a wealth of information (text, videos, archive images).      

The Calais Majest’in is a river cruise in the public transport network. Audiotours linked to videos provide information about the local history and heritage.
The tourist train takes you on a 1 hour trip around the city’s landmarks and beach starting at Tourist Information in July and August.

Paper guide suggestions (Furet site link)    

The « Greeters » 

The Pas de Calais has been long part of the worldwide Greeters network whereby locals who love their region share their passion with visitors.