Would you like to bring a few presents back from Calais for friends and relatives... or for yourself? Here is a short list of present ideas - remember that the Tourist Office's shop (at 12 Boulevard Clémenceau) has a wide range to choose from. 

For children:

Oh yes.. the well-known construction toy Meccano is partly made in Calais! Created in Liverpool in 1898, it opened a factory here in 1959.

You cannot visit the factory, but in the town centre (on Boulevard Jacquard) Meccano Lab represents the brand. Entry is free. As well as workshops for children and exhibitions, it has a shop (*).

Meccano Lab’ – 52 Boulevard Jacquard, Calais (+33 (0)3  21 82 68 69)

(*) Meccano is also sold in large supermarkets and all toy shops.

To be taken in moderation:

It is well-known that the Nord Pas de Calais is a beer-producing region. Calais no longer has a brewery, but Calais has its beer,les Bourgeoises de Calais. You will surely find one to your taste, be it brown ale, bitter or something else!

For foodies:    

Calais has a tradition of biscuit making. At the start of the 20th century, the Vendroux biscuit factory was the run by the family of Mademoiselle Vendroux - the future Yvonne De Gaulle. These days, the Opal Coast has "Soleil d'Opale" (opal sun) shortbread biscuits.

THE typical product from Calais is obviously lace!     

The products of the label "Les dessous de Calais" are made by Conetex, and can be found at 3 different addresses:

  • The Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode's shop
  • Town centre (193 boulevard Lafayette)
  • Suburbs (Centre commercial Cité Europe shopping centre, Coquelles)

Noyon is a "historical" factory for local lace production, and it has a shop in the centre of Calais.

Noyon Boutique (at the corner of Rue des quatres coins and Rue des salines)

A souvenir medal of The Burghers of Calais (Médailles souvenir collection) is available for €5 at the Calais Côte d'Opale Tourist Office.