l'Hôtel de Ville de Calais

World Heritage (UNESCO) ,  Historic site and monument ,  Town, village, neighbourhood at Calais

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  • Located in the heart of the city, the present city hall was designed by architect Louis Debrouwer, who pioneered the use of reinforced c
    oncrete. Its construction symbolises the merger of the towns of Saint-Pierre and Calais in 1885. Construction started in 1911 and was interrupted in 1914 by the war. After the damage had been repaired and the works had been completed, the building was inaugurated in 1925, but damaged again in 1940.
    The general architecture of this monument is based on Flemish Neo-Renaissance style with Tudor details. Its stately 75-metre-high belfry was listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005.
    The building consists of three elements:
    - the main body, whose front is oriented towards the west
    - the belfry with ornamental apertures, which reaches 75 m and incorporates a four-faced clock and a carillon
    - the square turret with pinnacle attached to the south side of this imposing building.
    The grand staircase leading to the first floor, where the wedding room and main reception room are located, is decorated with magnificent stained glass windows. These were made in the Dagrant workshops in Bordeaux and recount the liberation of Calais from English domination by the Duke of Guise in 1558 on three bays. The city hall is famous for having been the setting of the marriage of Charles de Gaulle and Yvonne Vendroux in 1921.
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