Le Monument Jacquard

Not rated ,  Historic site and monument at Calais

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  • The monument is a tribute to Joseph Marie Charles, better known as Jacquard (1752-1834), the inventor of the loom which still bears his name.

    In 1833, the town of St Pierre proposed the idea of erecting a monument to him in the Place du Théâtre, previously the site of the old cemetery.
    Calais also considered building a memorial, but the idea was shelved when the 2 towns were merged.
    The project was revived in 1900, when a new council was elected, but it was delayed by a dispute between the workers and the lace manufacturers.
    A new appeal to finance the project was launched. A competition was held and, of the 14 competitors who entered, it was Marius Roussel who was chosen to sculpt the monument.
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