Le Phare

Historic site and monument at Calais

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  • Located in the Courgain Maritime district, the 58-metre-high lighthouse towers over the city. Repeated shipwrecks near the coast led the maritime authorities to build a lighthouse with "revolving lamps", brought into use on 1 December 1818, on top of the Tour du Guet (watchtower). The construction of a new lighthouse was taken into consideration in 1839. The location of this structure was to be Fort Risban or the eastern jetty, but in the end the northern corner of the fortifications was selected. Construction started in 1845 and was completed on 10 August 1848. The lighthouse initially operated with an oil lamp, subsequently a paraffin lamp, and was electrified in 1883. Since then, the building has withstood the bombardments of World War II and today it offers a splendid panorama of the sea, the city and the countryside when you have ascended its 271 steps. A discovery room shows the history of lighthouses, beacons and maritime signals.
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