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  • Construction of the theatre commenced in April 1903 when the first stone was laid by French President Emile Loubet. Located at the intersection of the city's main streets, it was inaugurated in 1905 and built in Baroque style after the model of the Palais Garnier in Paris. Its façade is built in Louis XIV style and the first floor is decorated with four double columns with four 2.50-metre-high statues in between representing the four lyric arts: on the left poetry, in the middle comedy and dance, and music on the right. Above these statues you will find busts of famous artists such as De Belloy, writer of the play Le Siège de Calais, who was made an honorary citizen of Calais for his work. The second floor is decorated with three large circular windows flanked by eight sculptures representing the arts.
    The auditorium, which has excellent acoustics, is horseshoe-shaped and boasts more than 900 seats spread over four galleries around a 100 m2 stage. Two pairs of columns bear large arcades which support the dome, and the circular ceiling is decorated with allegorical paintings.
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