Monument du Pluviôse

Not rated ,  Historic site and monument at Calais

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  • It is not easy to see what the imposing bronze monument on the left of the Fort represents. It is, in fact, a winged figure, a modern version of an angel, who is reaching into a submarine to gather the souls of the sailors. But it is not just any submarine, it is the Pluviôse. In the early 20th century, Calais was a submarine base and, whilst out on exercise on 26 May 1910, the Pluviôse collided with a ferry. The vessel sank to a depth of 17 metres and it took 16 days to pump it out. The 27 victims were honoured with a state funeral which was attended by the President, Armand Fallières.
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    il faut bien la regarder pour la comprendre super travail du sculteur

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