The essentials of Calais

Cultural ,  Historic ,  Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian in Calais
5.9 km
2h 30min
  • Walk through the streets of Calais, thanks to thematic panels, you will discover all the treasures of the city.
Points of interest
1 Office de Tourisme
Do not hesitate to see us and take some ideas for souvenirs
2 Modern Art Museum
Facing Richelieu Park, this museum inaugurated in 1966 brings an interesting light on the Rodin
Masterpiece “Les Six Bourgeois”. In addition of XIX and XX century sculpture it houses collections
linket to the local history: paintings, graphic arts. The museum also offers temporary exhibitions
related to modern art. (Duration of visit: 1h30). Free mobile app is proposed to complete your visit.
3 Notre-Dame's Church
Both the biggest and the oldest church in Calais, it dates back to the 13th century. The English
occupation (1347-1558) strongly influenced its architecture. Major restoration work has just been
completed and is complemented by a garden around the church. Charles De Gaulle and Yvonne
Vendroux got married here in 1921.
4 The Lighthouse
Until the 19th century, the Watchtower was used as the lighthouse. The current lighthouse, built in
1848, is situated in the Courgain Maritime area. It sustained no damage during the two world wars
and the 58m high structure still dominates the port. Climbing the lighthouse gives you an exceptional
view over the port and the sea. Exhibition on the lighthouses and marker buoys on the ground floor.
5 Courgain Maritime : Fishermen Area
The Courgain Maritime has been a stronghold of sailors and has seen many generations of
fishermen, lifeguards and even privateers grow up. The maritime tradition is kept alive today with
traditional festivals and the daily sale of fresh fish straight from the fishing trawlers.
You also see Louis XVIII column, recalling the arrival of the future King of France on 24th April 1814.
This marks the end of 20 years of exile in United Kingdom and announces the end of Napoleonic and
restoration era.
Courgain_Maritime_Calais_Bassin_du_Paradis_3_Photo_Office_de_Tourisme_Calais_Cote_d_Opale..jpg Myriam_pont_Pecheuse_de_moules_Calais_Photo_Office_de_Tourisme_Calais_Cote_d_Opale.jpg
6 The Watch Tower / Statue of Charles De Gaulle and his wife
The Watch Tower was used to spot any unexpected attacks from enemies, in the darkest hours of the
late Middle-Age, but also to give advanced warning of other dangers such as fire.
Following renovation work, the square has a statue of the couple Charles and Yvonne De Gaulle.
Statue-Général-de-Gaulle-etYvonne-Vendroux (5).JPG Tour-du-Guet-Calais.jpg
7 World War 2 Museum
On the 26th May 1940, after 4 days under siege, German troops took over Calais. The
German Navy built a bunker in the heart of the city in a park. Nowadays there is a museum on
the site, whose 22 rooms give testimony to the period through archives and a collection of
weapons and uniforms.
8 The Theatre
Completed in 1906, this theatre with its majestic façade is a building that was designed
following the union of Calais and Saint-Pierre, as the City Hall. Its acoustics and its Italianstyle
hall make it one of the main live performance venues in the city.
9 Lacemaking and Fashion Centre
The right place to find out all there is to know about the famous Calais lace! This former 19th
century factory has undergone a major architectural facelift. The exhibits tell the story of the
development of the techniques, and are completed by demonstrations of the impressive
leaver machines. Temporary exhibitions linked to fashion and haute couture creation are
scheduled throughout the year.
10 Townhall, Belfry, Statue of Rodin, Les Six Bourgeois
This building, a mix of Neo-Renaissance and Flemish styles, is the symbol of the union
between Calais and Saint Pierre. Realized by the Architect Louis Debrouwer, the first stone
was laid in 1911. Inside, you can admire the Art Deco stained glass windows on the ground
floor, but you mustn’t miss the Council Chamber on the first floor, the VIP Lounge and the
Wedding hall, where Charles De Gaulle got married in a civil ceremony in 1921.
Annexing the City Hall is the Belfry, which is accessible in a lift and offers a panoramic view
over the entire city and its surroundings from 78 meters up.
In front of the City Hall, you can see one of the famous sculptor Rodin’s masterpieces.
Inaugurated in 1895, the statue recalls the dedication and sacrifice of those 6 noble Calais
men, who were prepared to give their lives for Edward III of England after Calais had been
under siege for 11 months, from September 1346 to August 1347.
28 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 8 m
  • End altitude : 8 m
  • Maximum altitude : 10 m
  • Minimum altitude : 2 m
  • Total positive elevation : 28 m
  • Total negative elevation : -29 m
  • Max positive elevation : 6 m
  • Min positive elevation : -5 m