With cliffs to the west at the Deux Caps site, flat land to the east next to Marck and Oye Plage, and small valleys around Guines-Licques, the Calais metropolitan area is surrounded by a varied environment which lends itself to walking.

There are 15-20km- (9.5-12.5 mile-) long trails in the Deux Caps area, and also around the heights of Calaisis: the mont Saint Louis and the Ventu d'Alembon.Pas de Calais Tourisme has published a document covering possible walks. Leafing through it, you will find websites which have leaflets to download.                  

Two long distance walking trails cross the Calais region, and it can serve as a stop-over point with all the facilities that long distance walkers need. 

The GR 120

This long distance walking trail is also called the Sentier du Littoral (coastal trail), and it follows the Nord Pas de Calais coastline over 193km (120 miles), from Bray Dunes to the Baie d'Authie. It is part of the European E9 long distance trail, which runs along the coast between Russia and Portugal.

The GR 145, Via Francigena pilgrimage trail

This GR takes inspiration from the Via Francigena, a pilgrimage between Canterbury in England and Rome, crossing through north-east France and Switzerland. This pilgrimage was renowned in the Middle Ages, but later fell into disuse. In recent years it has experienced a revival. If you are not going as far as Rome, the Via Francigena can take you across the Pas de Calais by foot: a 245km-long (152 mile) walk!      

Group walking :

Jeunes et Nature and Eden 62 are two associations which organise group walks, and also suggest routes. They can also give advice for planning your route.