With the Deux Caps’ cliffs to the west, the flat Marck and Oye Plage to the east and the valleys in Guines-Licques, the Calais area is surrounded by sites ideal for hiking.

Wherever you choose, you’ll find short footpaths so you can keep fit and explore the natural setting.    
Pas de Calais Tourist Information has published a document compiling hiking trails. Flick through and download information for the sites.                 

Eden 62 

(in Marck-Fort Vert, Oye Plage, Guines, Ardres) – Trails (approximately 3km)

The Pas de Calais Department Natural Area group manages and promotes the department’s sensitive natural sites. There are countless footpaths in different natural settings to explore in the Calais area.


Bleriot plage

Trails (approximately 10km)

If you want to push yourself, there are 3 trails in Blériot Plage on the themes of the coast and Louis Blériot’s legendary feat.     

Group hikes :

The Jeunes et Nature association and Eden 62 have designed a schedule for group hikes and trail suggestions. They also provide useful information to help plan your trips.