Here are a few suggestions of where you can leave your car and go for a stroll without covering large distances. These spots also give kids space to run around in!

In the city  

With barely 200m between them, the Saint Pierre and Richelieu public parks are a place to breathe in the city centre and both have a playground.

A nearby square lies in the Citadel’s ancient moats.

Around Calais 

The vast plain surrounding Fort Nieulay is popular with local walkers and runners. The wide stretches of grass enable visitors to admire the defence system designed by Vauban. Festivals and tours are available here during high season.

Still west of Calais, Terres Saint Roch is a lake measuring approximately 25,000m² in a former gravel pit. The converted site is home to countless varieties of plants and bird species. It’s also a hotspot for local fishermen. 

The Tom Souville base in Blériot Plage welcomes water sports fans to its artificial lake. There’s a free footpath around the lake for those who want to stretch their legs in peace and quiet.       

Landscaped gardens 

Beau Pays in Marck is a private garden with numerous botanical species including an English country garden and hothouse.

Notre Dame de Calais church has been surrounded by beautiful plantations from the Tudor garden since summer 2014.